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Ep. 680: Bringing Adventure Stories to Life Through “Out There” - Willow Belden

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After quitting her job at NPR to thru-hike the Colorado Trail, Willow was filled with confidence and a desire to help tell stories of adventure to the world. The job at NPR wasn’t satisfying her desire to do something outside the box and the recent passing of her mother was enough for her to reset the path she was going down. 

To say the least, the 5-week thru-hike ultimately changed her life and after getting back she quickly began working on her new project, a podcast, Out There. 

Today we’re going to hear Willow’s story of reinvention and self-discovery that led her down a path less taken. 

Out There was recently listed as the #1 outdoor podcast in iTunes, has made appearances in media throughout the world and is considered one of the best outdoor and adventure podcasts out there...

Find out more about Willow and listen to Out There here: 


IG: @outtherepodcast

FB: @outtherepodcast


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