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Ep. 690: Crossing the 20 Largest Glaciers In The World - Vincent Colliard

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Vincent is joining us from Norway to discuss his and Børge Ousland’s journey to cross the 20 world's largest glaciers in what they are calling the IceLegacy Project, a way for them to share to the world the need to preserve these special places. 

From IceLegacy.com

“Glaciers are in fast decline due to rising temperatures, causing threat of long-term sea-level rise. They are crucial as a freshwater source for millions of people worldwide. This is why glaciers need to be better known, considered, and protected. The world needs to find technical and political solutions to the environmental crisis. This long-term expedition is meant to be an incubator to that process, a visual example, and a window to what is happening.

The project combines athletic prowess, human adventure, and the sharing of knowledge about the polar environment with as many people as possible, so that future generations may enjoy the fascinating and priceless legacy of glaciers and icecaps.”

Instagram: @VincentColliard



Image pulled from Vincent's Instagram account. 


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