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Ep. 693: World Towning - Jessica & Will

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In 2014, Jessica and Will decided a “normal” life in Boston wasn’t enough for their family of four. After several potential ex-pat experiences fell through with Will’s job, the family had an appetite to try something new. That idea? Instead of calling one place home why not call the whole world “home”? 

To dip their toes into this way of living they spent a year in Costa Rica, then a year in Educator, and 9 months in France. Those first few years included experiences like hiking the Inca Trail, traveling around the Galapagos Islands, and dance classes deep in the Costa Rican rainforest. 

To continue explorings their new “town” they hopped into an RV and visited every country in Europe for another two and a half years while homeschooling their kids, completing a thru-hike of the Camino De Santiago. 

Now that COVID has interpreted the original plan of traveling around Asia, the family is taking to the seas to experience life aboard a sailboat while growing their business, WorldTowning and WorldTowning Voyages, wherein small groups of travelers embark on shared experiences and adventures to travel the world as locals on roads less traveled with their family as the hosts.



Instagram: @worldtowning

Facebook: @worldtowning

Image from their Facebook page. 


  1. Love the adventure sports podcast, great host and diverse guests and the host does a great job helping the guests tell their story. This episode was a real struggle though as one of the guests kept interrupting the other


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