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Ep. 695: Walking Across Australia With Five Wild Camels - Sophie Matterson

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After needing a break from her career in film and TV, Sophie took a very fortuitous turn in her life by finding the most random job she could, milking camels. If you didn’t realize camels could be milked, neither did I. 

To make a long story short, Sophie fell in love with camels and never went back to her old career. Her ongoing 5-year passion for camels has taken her to places like The Flinders Ranges, Lake Eyre and The Tirari Desert, Uluru, Michigan USA, Texas, and Rajasthan India. 

At some point in the pursuit to learn more about these amazing creatures, Sophie got the idea to cross Australia on foot while being accompanied by 5 wild (or “feral”) camels. This would not only entail catching and taming 5 out of upwards of a million wild camels that roam Australia but also walking thousands of kilometers across the vast and void Australian Outback. Keep in mind, Australia is the geographic size of the US with 1/10th of the population. A wild idea indeed!

Today Sophie joins us from just over the halfway point of the journey in the bizarre little town of Coober Pedy. 

Jude, Delilah, Charlie, Clayton, and Mac will all continue the journey in March. 


Map of her trek here

Instagram: @sophiematterson

Facebook Coast-to-Coast-to-camel-trek


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