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Ep. 706: Crossing Death Valley on Foot - Ashly Winchester

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Ashly is no stranger to going out on a limb to follow a crazy idea. From driving 15+ hours through the night to climb a mountain, to leaving her stable career to become a freelance writer, she’s at home in the world of taking chances. 

This love of adventure has led her to be the world’s leading women for total ‘fastest known times’, or FKTs, a challenge to do an outdoor route or trail faster than anyone has done it before. To date, she has 39 of these records with no other woman in the world having more.

Her most recent FKT attempt was to cross, on foot, 165-miles of the arid moonscape that is Death Valley. The journey was treacherous and beautiful. It was everything in one. The challenges she faced out there were not what you would expect from a desert either.  

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