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Ep. 707: Cleaning 12,000 Pounds of Trash Out of the Ocean, and Counting - Andrew Otazo

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We all know that “nature may heal and give strength to body and soul”, as John Muir said. I’m sure most all of you have experienced the power of spending time in nature. 

But what about when nature itself is wounded with trash and marred with the scars that humans have inflicted on it? 

Just as nature can heal and empower us, are we able to return the favor? 

Meet Andrew Otazo. He’s on a mission to completely clean Southwest Florida one piece of trash at a time and give strength back to nature by removing what shouldn’t be there. 

I hope Andrew inspires you to take action in your own backyard. 

Instagram: @andrewotazo

YouTube channel: SFL Nature 

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  1. My new favorite podcast! Great host and tons of interesting topics. And Andrew, I applaud you! I wish the world had more people like you. Having done beach cleanup myself, I know what a grueling task it can be.


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