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Ep. 708: From Rock Bottom to the Seven Summits - Revisited - David Mauro

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When David Mauro was in his forties, his life hit rock bottom. With nothing to lose, he left everything he knew behind and set out on an epic international adventure. For the next seven years, Dave trudged across glaciers, frozen wastelands and through dense, dangerous forests. He communed with penguins and elephants, kept company with cannibals and gunrunners, and spoke with the dead. And though he’d never been a climber, he ended up joining history’s courageous few when he ascended into the clouds to stand at the summit of Mt Everest.


Facebook: facebook.com/TheAltitudeJournals

Instagram: @davidjmauro

YouTube: youtube.com/user/Kilgoretrout22

Twitter: @davidj_mauro

Make sure you check out David's book too! "The Altitude Journals" at; www.davidjmauro.com/product/the-altitude-journal


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