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Ep. 710: Fire Lookout Tower Adventures - Revisited - Amber Casali

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Originally aired May 7, 2018

On today's show, Amber Casali joins Curt to fill us in on everything we didn't know about fire lookout towers. Born and raised in Seattle, Amber Casali considers herself a stereotypical Pacific Northwesterner, someone who loves the outdoors and relishes the natural beauty of our region. She has summited Mount Adams, Mount Baker, and Mount Rainier; section hiked most of Washington’s PCT, including six days solo in Glacier Peak Wilderness; successfully taken the Washington Alpine Club’s Basic Climbing and Mountaineering course; and she has recently become certified in Wilderness First Aid, through NOLS. Stay tuned. This show has some really interesting information you don't want to miss!

Book: "Hiking Washington Fire Lookouts"

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