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Ep. 715: Becoming Rugged - Christine Reed

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Christine’s love for backpacking started the same way many of the adventures on this podcast start, with a Google search. Her quest that day? To find out what this backpacking thing was all about. 

After only a few articles into her search, Christine decided to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. It was a huge leap of faith but she immediately got to work to make that dream come true.

The funny thing about making a dream a reality is that it’s not what we typically imagine. The realness of life usually gets in the way and what actually happens before, during, and after an adventure is anything but what we plan for. 

Today we’re going to hear Christine’s story of how her experience hiking the AT changed her and all the adventures that have come before and after it. 

She has written her experiences in a new book after a life-altering trip on the Wonderland trail called Alone in Wonderland, which can be found at her website, aloneinwonderland.com

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