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Ep. 720: Fifty Years of Adventures While Living in New York City - Revisited - JR Harris

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JR Harris was introduced to the Boy Scouts while living in New York City. His parents had the foresight to interest their son in things that would spark his curiosity and learning, rather than get caught up in the struggles of everyday life in the projects. This influence has led JR to the most unlikely of wildernesses, completely alone, for the last 50 plus years!

When he’s not trekking through Nepal or the Andes, JR owns and operates the oldest Black-owned research and consulting firm in the United States, JRH Marketing Services. He is also the author of Way Out There: Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker, which details a handful of his many adventures in the outdoors. Despite his constant roaming through the most remote locations on Earth, JR still proudly calls New York City his home.

Join us today as we talk with a truly remarkable person who has not only built a life around the outdoors and New York City but a life we can all strive to have.


Way Out There: Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker

Instagram @jrinthewilderness

Facebook @jrobert.harris.7

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