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Ep. 727: Paragliding the Path of the Monarch Butterfly - Benjamin Jordan

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Benjamin Jordan is back on the Adventure Sports Podcast with another incredible journey to share. He recently retraced the iconic path that Monarch Butterflies take every year from a remote mountainous region of Northern Mexico all the way to Canada. It’s a phenomenon that science doesn’t quite understand and one that Benjamin was inspired to try himself. 

A documentary about the nearly 3,000 km experience, "Fly Monarca", drops Thursday, May 6th at Midnight EST at flymonarca.com

Listen to Benjamin’s previous episode on Adventure Sports Podcast here: Ep. 524: Vol-Bivouac Paragliding 1,200-Km of the Canadian Rockies - Benjamin Jordan


Expedition Website:  monarcaexpedition.com

Film Website: flymonarca.com

FB/IG: @benjaminjordanadventure

Twitter: @ben_j_adventure

Lyndsay Nicole (FB/IG): @pilotlyndsaynicole  (expedition photography/support credit)

Lyndsay Nicole (Twitter): @lyndsaypilot  (expedition photography/support credit)


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